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πŸ“š Blog tour – want your new release, cover reveal, sale, or just because to be blogged everywhere?  We will set up signups for anyone to help us get your book/s seen. Only $25 and we do all the work, all you need to do is send us the information.

πŸ“š Reviews – free with your book sent directly to Kindle. Reviews left on Amazon and Goodreads plus any others you want.

πŸ“š Monthly PR services – 30 groups by 4 of us = 120 groups a day plus other medias. Blog would be at least 4 days a week – $50

πŸ“š Book editing – will help you edit your book and leave reviews – $50

πŸ“š Teasers – need teasers for your books?  We love making them! – $6 each or 4 For $20

πŸ“š Parties/events – looking to do a party?  Let us handle everything for you, all you need to do is show up – $25 for first day and an extra $15 for each additional day

πŸ“š COMING SOON – book trailers

πŸ“š If you have any questions please contact Alicia Freeman PA or email


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