Tainted Innocence release by FJ KerrΒ 

πŸŽƒ Right in time for Halloween πŸŽƒ
 Releasing October 30th – Tainted Innocence 

Here’s the video! 

Can you make it to the book release for Tainted Innocence? 

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          After my mother was brutally murdered, my abusive father pawned me off on my aunt. But, I am not like them. I am not like anyone. You see, I have these urges that no one understands. I want to know why I am the way I am. I want to know who killed my mother. Most of all, I want revenge!
      Tainted Innocence Vol 1 of the Emptiness he release party.


β€œSomething FJ Kerr is working on just for her medium, fans and friends…”


Want to know more about Author F.J.Kerr read her interview here! http://wp.me/p3uv2y-6L0


#FjKerr #TaintedInnocence #newrelease #releaseparty

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