The Fling
The Girl In My Pool (book 5)
Sage Alexander

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He desires his former student..
She lusts after her past professor..
Will things work out the way they expect?

Robyn has the best of both worlds. Her favorite professor is not only her boy toy for the summer. But, also helps her study for the upcoming school year.

Professor Bolton starts to tutor her. But, it’s not all psychology lessons.

Zac’s a patient, caring professor. The old professor she knew in his classroom. Now, she’ll see another side of him. And, she just may like it.

She teases him during their lessons.

He can’t help but endure her torture.

She has plans for him. She’ll play innocent during her little game. Which will stir the passion and desire within him. Will jealousy get what she wants out of him? She may be in over her head this time.

She thought she was in control of the situation. She’ll learn that she’s not.

Unfortunately for Robyn, the tables just might be turned to her surprise. She’ll find out how possessive Professor Bolton can be. He’s not as innocent and nerdy as she thought he was.

Will she get on her knees for forgiveness?

You’ll love how this plan backfires, because we all love the unexpected.

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