A Uniform and Lace book
Tina Maurine

ย ย ย ย 
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Two years ago, when Vette took the dual jobs as head of security and watching over President Ethan Westโ€™s son as a pseudo-nanny, she had no idea what sheโ€™d be in for. Now, playboy Davien West is turning nineteen and doing everything he can to keep Vetteโ€™s mind off her jobsโ€ฆ and on him.

Little does Davien know that the lead man on Vetteโ€™s security team is former special ops soldier Adrian Rogueโ€ฆ someone with whom she had a brief and unresolved romantic past years ago in Iraq.

The passion Vette feels for both of them, and her true, unrequited heartโ€™s desire, leave her at an impasse.

#TinaMaurine #Impasse #UniformAndLace #militaryromance

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