NEW RELEASE ~ Into Thin Air

Into Thin Air
International Bestselling Author Stephanie Ayers

#DarkThriller #LockedRoom #Mystery #Suspense #CrazyInk

Rebecca Carlton ran a home for lost and wayward girls. Well, she did until she disappeared one day, along with the four girls under her care. The only remaining clue to her existence was a decomposed foot in a red tennis shoe found in the field behind her house.
Five hundred miles away, Thana Keres, a legal intern, disappeared in the small town of Oxford, Ohio, leaving her belongings behind in a locked building. The sheriff’s department had no leads and little evidence to work with. The more they investigated, the more confused they became. Nothing was the way it seemed. Could these two unrelated disappearances have more in common than anyone knew?
A locked room. A sinister past. Two women vanished…Into Thin Air.

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