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πŸ’‹α¦αŽ₯ᏕᏕ αŽ·α‹πŸ’‹ Book 1

She’s got two problems…
A threatening competitor.
Can she keep her hormones in check?

At nineteen, Erika has a lot going on. She’s the brains behind an up and coming startup. With rival companies starting to take notice, she’s focused only on the survival of her social media business.

Then she bumps into him. Literally.

Erika’s captivated by this man she’s never met. She thinks there may be a spark. Or maybe she’s just been single too long. Another distraction is not what she needs. She’s worked too hard to let her business fail.

But, he’s oh so handsome.

She can’t take her eyes off him. His face, or his body. Being in his presence brings heat to Erika’s cheeks, among other things. Who is he? Is there more to him than just being a hot guy?

She now starts to wonder where her priorities are in life. Creating her dream business or being wrapped in the arms of this stranger?

Does she dare try and go for what she wants… success and love?

Can she have both? Or will she have to choose one over the other?

You’ll enjoy this sweet romance story with a twist, because it will keep you turning pages.

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