#MafiaMCRomance ❀️‍πŸ”₯

Killian’s Masterpiece ~ Celtic Demons
A Mafia MC Romance
Jill ShannonΒ 

🎧 also available in Audible 🎧

All Rachel wanted to do was retire to a quiet island and start her life over. But all that changes when the shipment she had created for the Nadia’s Don Santoro goes missing. Now she has fourteen days to get it back. She sets out on a quest that leads her to the doors of the Celtic Demons motorcycle club – and Killian. A man who, by rights, should be her enemy, but who sets her body on fire.

Killian ‘Yankee’ Ramsey, Vice President of the Celtic Demons, has just pulled off the heist of the century, intent on using his bounty as leverage against the Santoro organization to remove them from Demon territory. However, when the plans the Demons have in place fall apart, they need Rachel’s help to get their turf back.

Killian knows Rachel is the perfect submissive for him. Rachel wants nothing more than to give herself totally to Killian. But will their divided loyalties keep them from being together?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy Mafia versus Motorcycle Club romance is full of action and power exchange scenes.

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