NEW RELEASE ~ The Tale of Two Twisted Sisters

The Tale of Two Twisted Sisters โ–‘Megan Guilliamsโ–‘ The Twisted Realm Series: Book One

โ˜… In the winter of 1908, during the fire rush of magic, two children were born: one child, a daughter of the light; the other, forced to walk under the moonโ€™s gentle warmth. Unknowingly, their birth breaks the first seal of a rather grizzly and horrific revelation. Born of power and fairy flower, the two girls must race against time to stop the darkness that is unfolding all around them.

With the help of a young boy named Samuel and the girlโ€™s reluctant guardian, Elder William, Hope and Faith step into a new world, one thatโ€™s nothing like the world they were familiar with. Full of action, adventure, horror, and unlikely friendships. Will the girls stop the revelation in time? Or is this the end of all magic as we know it?

In this 1900โ€™s time fusion fantasy, Megan Guilliams takes you on a nonstop thrill ride full of twists and turns, leaving you wondering what will become of the Southpaw family in the little town of Coral Bay, Maine.

Paperback ๐Ÿ‘‰

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