Motorcycle/Mafia thriller romance ~ the complete collection in a boxset

From bestselling author, Amy Cecil comes the sizzling Knights of Silence MC and the Enemy Duet – the complete series. Each page loaded with steamy, biker and mafia drama, that will leave readers gasping! This boxset is intended for mature audiences.

πŽππ‹π˜ $8.99 ~ π‘ π‘Žπ‘£π‘–π‘›π‘”π‘  π‘œπ‘“ π‘œπ‘£π‘’π‘Ÿ $10 or FREE on Kindle Unlimited

πŸ“š πŸ“š

🧊 ICE 🧊 How far would you go for the woman you love? Caden Jackson thought he’d never see his childhood sweetheart, Emma again. But when her friend goes missing, Emma has no choice but to seek out the only man she has ever loved and beg for his help. While betrayals are exposed as truths come to light, will Ice and Emma rekindle their relationship? Or, in the end, will his choice’s separate them forever?

Would you sacrifice your life for the woman you love? Mark Grayson has Emma. He wants Ice. Immersed in his brother’s game, fate plays her last card, and Ice has only one choice – sacrifice himself to save them all. But he refuses to go down without a fight. Now, the only question that remains is will they forgive him for the things he’s done.

You can’t escape the ties that bind. Rebel’s family is in trouble causing the MC to make a trip to Ireland taking them deep into the IRA. They thought they were prepared, but all the intel in the world didn’t prepare them for the price they’d have to pay to get out.

Can love survive deception? As head of the Vitali crime organization, Michael Vitali is used to getting what he wants. And what he wants is Zaira Bonito. Unfortunately, she’s the eldest daughter of their rival family. Lucky for Michael, an opportunity presents itself when the families agree to come together to eliminate a common enemy. One hit and everything changes.
Caught in the fray of the violent chaos, Zaira takes a blow to the head and comes to with no recollection of what happened. Eager to do anything to have her at his side, Michael throws himself into the role of her guide through a life she vaguely recalls. But this deception comes with a steep risk. If Zaira remembers what truly happened the night of her accident, Michael could lose her forever.

What do you do when your life spirals out of control? You can either let it or stand up and defeat the demons that threaten you. Amada Benson left Edinboro on her wedding day leaving everyone she knew in her wake. Several years later she returns and instead of learning from her mistakes, she continues to make them over and over again. Desperately searching for a love to last a lifetime, Amanda is too blind to see that the man who truly loves her is the man that she fears will destroy her. Jealousy takes hold and if she isn’t careful, it will ultimately destroy her and any chance she may have at finding happiness of her own.

Can a scarred heart risk a second chance? Zaira’s memories returned, revealing the true depths of Michael’s deception. While she can’t deny she loves him, she doesn’t know if she’ll ever be able to forgive him. Until fate intervenes. Finding herself caught in the middle of a retaliation plot, Zaira fears for her life. Staring down the barrel of death, her heart aches for the safety of Michael’s arms. Without hesitation, Michael throws his strength, resources, and power into rescuing her. But, when offered the chance at a new beginning, will he be willing to risk his heart?

πŸ’€ SAINTE πŸ’€
After leaving the Vitali crime family, Nick β€œSainte” Saintero is ready to begin his new life with the Knights of Silence MC. Facing one of the biggest challenges of his life, he takes the bull by the horns and goes after what he wants. And he wants Honey. He steps in and fills the hole left by the lost MC brother with ease all while doing everything in his power to show Honey that he will not let her down. He’s determined to make her his, even if he has to save her from herself first.

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