Available on Kindle Unlimited ~ The Betrayer πŸ’«β€οΈβ€πŸ”₯

πŸ’« The Betrayer: Baltin Trilogy πŸ’«
Savage Worlds Series (Book 2)
Melissa Riddell
Surrender her heart or save the world?

The Henokans, in hot pursuit of the Baltins, have arrived on Earth. Escorted to the last major remnant of humans and the most secure stronghold in the United States, Tilly’s given two choices: cooperate or die. The United States Air Force and the Henokan army have formed an alliance called DAWN, and they plan to use her as bait to prevent an otherwise inevitable war.

General Lathan Rhys, the Henokan leader and Baltin Prince’s archenemy, wants more than her cooperation, though; he wants vengeance and companionship.

As Tilly and Kodiak come to terms with their new reality, she’s forced to re-examine the little she knows of Jareth. General Rhys urges her to forget about him and help heal what remains of humanity. The choice should be simple, but love demands a steep price. But when Tilly re-emerges into the world, she sees a bigger picture of the damage and injustice the Baltins have inflicted.

Humans need help. Can she do her part to save what’s left of humanity and continue the journey to find her sister? Will one more of Jareth’s lies push her over the edge in the fight for her heart and planet?

Only one thing’s for sureβ€”he’ll never back down when it comes to holding her love, even if it means destroying everything in his path.

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