Second chance rockstar romance ~ Running From The Rockstar 🎸

🎸🎢 Running from the Rockstar 🎢🎸
A Second Chance Rockstar Romance
Melissa Riddell

Love can be a neverending storm of passion…or hate.

🎡 Paxton Ross is a kid from the wrong side of the tracks. Finding his father dead in a seedy motel room due to an overdose, sixteen-year-old Paxton suddenly becomes homeless and destitute.

🎡 Terri Kingston is a girl who seems to have everything: a lavish lifestyle, a good school, a perfect family. Except outside appearances can be deceiving. What she needs mostβ€”love and acceptanceβ€”has always been denied.

When Terri and Paxton meet during their teen years, their worlds collide into a messy, beautiful, forbidden love.

But Terri’s parents tear them apart for twelve years. When they run into each other again, things have changed, and not for the better.

Will they get a second chance to find true love, or will the temptations of the rockstar world rip them apart once more?

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