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•—-» Ṫȧl̇ėṡ Ḟṙȯṁ Ṫḣė Ċṙi̇ḃ ~̇ V̇ȯl̇ İ «—-•
Ḳạṣẹỵ Ḥịḷḷ

This is a collection of short horror stories and limericks, and children are the main catalyst of fear. Every person has this innate fear of creepy kids. Black eyed kids, zombies, possessions, hauntings, monsters in your closet. Expect the unexpected in Kasey Hills Tales From The Crib Vol I

FREE on Kindle Unlimited

A man goes through hypnosis to unlock his childhood and repressed memories from when he was an orphan. What he uncovers is a madhouse of secrets stemming from an insane asylum he had been placed in. What would you do if you found out you are the son of the Devil himself?

When a Freakshow owner takes on three men claiming to turn into zombies as a main attraction, he doesn’t bargain for what happens afterwards. Becoming the main attraction in the Appalachian area was his dream. However, greed always leads you down a path of doom.

Amelia wakes up disoriented sitting beside a burning car with a voice ringing in her head that she did it. As the night comes flooding back into her mind, Amelia must grapple with the skeletons in her closet as she reveals to the officer questioning her her most deepest darkest secrets of insanity.

What could possibly go wrong for teenagers at a lake party dressed as their favorite slasher movies? Gore and chaos. A killer is on the loose taking them out in pairs as they try to decipher who the deranged lunatic could possibly be. 80’s slasher style meets the modern world in this classic horror short.

Julie was your average New Yorker. She went to work, came home, and slept like everyone else. However, her life would change forever the day she meets two strange children who knock her door asking to use her phone.

These are just a few of the stories in this macabre of horror! Dive in and find your favorite creepy story!

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