99’ hot office seduction ~ Wicked Desires 🀀

Do you like a hot office seduction? Check out…
Wicked Desires (Part One)
Sage Alexander

πŸ“šOnly 99Β’ or Free on Kindle Unlimited πŸ“š

I shouldn’t have opened that link.
But I wanted to see her naked.
Now there’s no going back.

As a billionaire CEO, I have responsibilities. The board of my company sent me a link in regards to my secretary. Apparently, she has a website no one knew about.

A paid adult website.

I try to resist the urge to open the link. I shouldn’t. I tell myself this is only for proof of evidence. But, I’m fooling myself.

I want to see what my gorgeous secretary looks like naked.

I swallow hard as I watch. Is this the same person I know? At work, she’s nice and polite. But the woman I’m watching is bold and confident. And knows how to please herself.

I can’t unsee what I’m watching.
Then I notice something familiar. She’s wearing business attire I’ve seen her in. My pulse quickens when I notice her role-playing fantasy.

It’s about a boss at work.
Now all I can think about is her. My unaware secretary, on the other side of my office door. I think we’ll need to have a private conversation.

Could I be the “boss” she’s thinking of?

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