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She glanced out of the corner of her eye as Branson’s hands ran over his chest, the soap and water adding to an image that she was never going to forget.
That man and his body were going to be the death of her.
But she would love every minute of it.
Her phone buzzed, and she looked down to see another text from Tracey.
β€œWe’re going to be late,” she called loud enough that he could hear her over the water
β€œIt’s your fault,” he said, tilting his head back and rinsing his hair out.
β€œExcuse me! Why is it my fault? If I remember right, you’re the one that started it.” She tried to fight her smile.
β€œWell, if you hadn’t been looking so fucking delicious, I wouldn’t have had to fβ€”k you on the porch.”
Her cheeks went red.
β€œFβ€”k,” he muttered, turning off the water and opening the curtain.
She turned to him, resting her hip against the counter to watch him, his chest glistening with soapy water, and he smirked at her like he knew exactly what he did to her.
She grabbed a towel and walked up to him, letting her hips sway. His heated eyes watched as she leaned into him and licked his wet chest.
The moan that came from him was almost as good as the lick itself.
Then she tossed the towel in his face
β€œGet ready. You know Tracey’s hell on wheels when people are late.”
β€œYou’re going to pay for that later,” he said with a smirk, a light in his eyes. She winked at him, enjoying his chuckle, knowing that she wouldn’t mind paying that due.
Not one bit.
β€œBring it on, honey,” she said, laughing, as she walked out of the bathroom.

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