Limited Time FREEBIE ~ Them Holler Boys

🀠β–ͺοΈŽΒΈβ€ž.β™‘-β€’~β˜†April 8th-12th β˜†~β€’-β™‘.β€žΒΈβ–ͺ︎🀠

πŸͺ• Them Holler Boys πŸͺ• A Southern Outlaw Series Girty Thompson

Just what exactly determines who can be star crossed lovers? Guns, drugs, and violence is the norm in the holler. Love on the other hand, especially the forbidden kind, not as much. As long as they could remember, JJ and Lynne had always been forbidden to be with one another. The more they were pushed apart by their families, the stronger their love for one another grew. When fate finally gives in, and the two of them get their blessing from the universe, tragedy strikes, and once more they are driven apart. Will their love be enough to keep them forever connected and their tethered souls? Will fate have something else in store for these two Outlaws that live by their own rules and not the long arm of the law. A modern day Bonnie and Clyde that will rip your heart out, Them Holler Boys is the start of a Southern Outlaw series that is a Shakespearean story with a mafia twist.

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