Rockstar romance ~ Caleb’s Song

🎢🎀 Caleb’s Song 🎀🎢
Rockstar Redemption
Kathleen Ryder

Music was his life, until it cost him his brother….

As lead singer of the world-famous band, Three Odd Lizards, Caleb Roman had it all: money, women, and a superstar life envied by millions.

In a split second, everything changed.

Now, silenced by grief, he lives the life of a recluse, consumed with guilt, and tormented by regret.

Small town girl, with no room for dreams…

Gabby thought she had it all, her dream job in Paris, great friends around her, and a perfect fiancΓ©.

In a single moment, everything changed.

Frivolous hopes and dreams were packed away, replaced by duty and responsibility. A single mum, running the family bakery and caring for her parents, there just isn’t time for ‘what ifs’, and no use for them in small town Beryl Creek.

A chance encounter…

Swapping bustling Sydney for a short break in the country, Caleb sees no harm in being less than truthful about his identity with the locals.

When Gabby and Caleb’s worlds collide, mutual attraction sparks, igniting long dormant desires. In each other’s arms they both find what it is they never knew they wanted, but as dawn breaks, will one night be enough?

When the paparazzi storms into town, confronting Gabby and revealing Caleb’s true identity, will Gabby forgive his lies, or will she walk away forever?

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