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Souls Bound
A long-lost love revived by a second chance.
Jamison never moved on from the first love he lost in a fire. It flipped his world upside down, forcing him to give up hope on a broken heart, never to be made whole. Choosing to be stationed in Norfolk, Va, instead of going back to his hometown, he’s given a second chance he didn’t think was possible. Will he take it as an opportunity to make this right or refuse to heal the hole in his heart?

Years ago, Gina’s father swept her away, paying the consequences of his choices. Hiding from the Vitali crime family who wants to settle the score, she’s moved from place to place looking for refuge. When her past catches up to her, she’s got a choice to make. She can push forward and finally build a life or keep running away. What’s the most important, gaining new regrets or facing her demons?

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