PREORDER ~ organized crime thriller ~ The Payment πŸ–€πŸ“š

The Payment
Priceless series 6
Sage Alexander

Once feared and hated.
Is this the same man
she’s given her heart to?

Isla has learned many lessons from Virgil. Respect. Kindness. And fierce independence. His sessions were a shock to experience. Now, she’s come to savor those moments.

A visit to the Playroom is in order.

With lots of toys and contraptions to play with. She’ll test her limits on what she can handle. Will it be their last time there? If it is, it’ll be memorable.

With no warning, he’s come for her. Prepared to do anything it takes to get her back. Who is he?

Her father.

Virgil is fearful. Not of him. But of losing Isla. He has no idea how things will play out.

Scared of what her father may do. Isla is afraid she’ll be forced to leave Virgil’s mansion. To be locked away from everything she’s experienced and the person she loves.

Will diplomacy or violence rule the day?

And will her father’s debt be repaid in full?

You’ll adore how the story ends, because love is priceless.

#SageAlexander #ThePayment #PricelessSeries #organizedcrime #Crimethriller #darkromance #preorder

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