Dark poetry & short stories ~ submissions are open!

The Beauty in Darkness Anthology

Dark Moon Rising Publications is now accepting submissions for a compilation of dark poetry and short stories.

Dark poetry is a broad spectrum for a poet. It can be the screaming of the silent mind or the aching of a broken heart. It can be the monsters that crawl from the depths of one’s soul or the monsters that crawl from the darkest pit.

We are looking for poems and stories or even artwork that shows the beauty in all things dark. Beauty does exist in the minds and souls of those that feel lost, trapped, or free floating in their own darkness. Let your screams be heard so that all know that even though it is inky black in there, there is some light that shines momentarily allowing you to share your pain, your triumphs, and your words locked deeply away.

Up to 3 poems per submission/ 1 short story per submission/ 3 artwork submissions

No line requirement for poetry/ 3k to 10k for short stories

Word document file for submissions unless artwork is being submitted

At this time, this is for exposure only and no royalties to be paid for submissions.

Please send submissions to submissions@DarkMoonRisingPublications.com with Beauty in Darkness submission as subject line


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