Start your collection ~Sian b Claven

Start 2022 with some awesomeness! Check out Sian B. Claven’s The Thirsty Firsts: A Collection of the Firsts in Each Series

It’s time to start your collection.

The Thirsty Firsts is a limited edition kindle eBook collection of the first book in each of Sian’s series/Duets. That’s right! For a fraction of the price of buying all the books separately, you can enjoy all the firsts in the series now.

Ensnared – Amari moves to a farm, but not all is as it seems as a witch tries to stop her from saving the girl in the book.

Tatum – Every time Tatum sees a ghost, someone dies. There’s a serial killer loose, and he might be after her next.

Asylum I – Delve into the dark world of a doctor and a nurse who work at an institution, performing inhumane experiments.

Watcher – A collection of six short, dark stories as told from a Watcher’s point of view.

Killer Kitteh Khristmas – A short novella about a demon-possessed cat

The Witches of Harbour – This book comes with a trigger warning for a reason

Included as a bonus story is the dark, sexual story of the Sanitorioum.

Fans of ‘old school’ horror stories will find themselves immersed and in love with Sian B. Claven’s storytelling so if that’s you – one click now.

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