99¢ preorder organized crime thriller romance ~ The Choice

💞༺🥂99¢ ᴘʀᴇᴏʀᴅᴇʀ 🥂༻💞
The Choice ~ Priceless series(Book 4)
Sage Alexander

Lessons in the playroom…
…have taught her much.
What will he teach her next?

Having arrived as a spoiled and brash girl. Isla has transformed into a polite, respectful, and confident woman. Funny how collars, leashes, and ropes can do that to you.

Life has changed for Isla.

Things are viewed differently now. Virgil has given her a taste of freedom for the first time. She has power over her own life.

Now she has choices. What will they be?

Virgil has enjoyed teaching Isla how to be a better person. Now, he’ll introduce her to aspects of their social circle. Will she sink or swim navigating through the underworld dealings they live in?

And he’s not done giving her his “personal attention.”

Seen as a powerful man who takes girls as payment. She met him with fear and distrust. Now one thought runs through Isla’s mind.

Is she falling for Virgil King?

You’ll love reading Isla’s continued journey, because personal development was never this steamy.

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