Free boxset today only!!!

FREE today ONLY!!!
Dominator Series boxset by DD Prince
Merry Christmas Eve!!

DARK mafia romance. Arranged marriages.
Tr!gger warning.
Includes: The Dominator, Truth or Dare, and Unbound.

1300+ pages of dominating deliciousness.
Book 1 – Tommy Ferrano was the man of my dreams. He was also the man of my nightmares.

Book 2 – Dario Ferrano gets gifted a broken s*x sl@ve. He knows he should set her free, even though she’s absolutely perfect for him and fulfills every one of his deepest, darkest desires.

Book 3 – Unbound. More Tommy. More Dario. ABSOLUTE domination of their women and their enemies. What about those inner demons, though?

Reading this after Dec 24th and missed the free box set? This is also free to read in KU. <๐Ÿ’ž

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