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A Man For The Holidays
J.O Mantel

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Genre: MM
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Spencer always regarded himself as a hopeless romantic. A boring, pathetic loser who gave up on dating and finding love for the holidays. For the past ten years, it’s just been him and his best friend, Paige.
Aside from the ‘loser’ status, Spencer also has an obsession. An obsession that would seem crazy, stupid, and even idiotic to everyone else, you know, all the ‘normal’ people. For Spencer though, this obsession is anything but normal, and he knows it.
Day after day he spends his time in a men’s clothing store, obsessing over Quinn. Quinn is a handsome, mysterious, and spectacular creation who Spencer knows absolutely nothing about, but finds himself extremely attracted to the guy.
There’s just one problem––Quinn is a mannequin.
All Spencer wants is a man. Someone to be with, shop with, sleep with, fall in love with, even if it’s just for the holidays. All he wants … is Quinn.
What he wasn’t expecting, however, was to find Quinn, the mannequin he’s been obsessing over, standing at his front door at midnight, two weeks before Christmas … as a real-life human being.
Is Quinn staying just for the holidays? Or will he and Spencer find their Happily Ever After that will last an eternity?

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