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Chelle Rose Author

#steamyromance #romance #suspense

Stella has learned the hard way to never let anyone in… but Jamie has a way of slipping behind her defenses…
Stella is just fine being alone. Her past leaves her wary of everyone, not just potential romantic relationships. Sure, she’s had friends with benefits, but protecting her heart has always been rule number one.
She knows that when you let someone in, that’s how you get hurt.
As a romance author, she writes people’s happily ever after while never having experienced her own. A chance encounter with another author, a suspense author, no less, leaves her on guard. He’s attractive, somewhat dominant, and makes her feel like one of her heroines. Stella is used to ruling her head and heart… but with Jamie, she feels completely out of control. Can she let love in? Or will this meet cute turn into heartbreak?
Stella’s friends don’t call her Fort Stella for nothing… so why is keeping Jamie out so difficult?

Join us Tuesday, December 21st for Chelle Rose’s release party with these amazing authors!! ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

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