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Shattered Beliefs
Oceans Apart: Book One
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Fort Worth held happiness for most residents, but not Milo Garcia. His experiences tormented him and all he focused on revolved around escaping far away from the God-forsaken town.

He settled on two goals for vanishing from his current reality: the completion of his college degree and convincing his mother to follow him.

He held steady, following the course, until an unexpected new British student shattered his Middletown America.

Tired of living his privileged and shallow existence in rural Cambridgeshire, handsome and smart, Edward Baines-Tennant jetted off to the states, intending on completing his studies, while carving his own path in the world.

On the first day of classes, a chance meeting with a brooding stranger spun his world off its axis and sent him on a course of self-discovery. One which forced his eyes open wide; seeing beyond what presented itself and examining how those less fortunate than himself survived.

Meeting his match in Milo, sparks flew. Common sense told him to leave well alone, but his heart desired something more.

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