NEW RELEASE ~ The Surprise

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The Surprise
The Girl In My Pool (book 6)
Sage Alexander

πŸ“š πŸ“š

Her fantasy scenario…
with her favorite professor…
involves a desk?

Summer is coming to an end. Zac will start teaching again. While Robyn will become the model student she always is in class.

Is this the end of their summer fling?

Spending time with him was just to make a boring summer bearable. No emotions involved. Just for fun. Right?

Will Robyn finally play out her ultimate role-playing fantasy with her professor? If she does, she’ll have a surprise waiting for him.

Or, will the surprise be on her?

Zac wishes he could tell her what he wants. Something real. Something significant. And something lasting. But wonders if she’s done living out her fantasies with her professor crush?

He’ll find out she has one more fantasy to satisfy.

You’ll love how this summer fling ends, because the school year starts with a bang!

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