NEW RELEASE ~ My Soul To Break

My Soul To Break
Daria M Loshlin

πŸ”₯ Hayes Davenport πŸ”₯
She was the love of my young life, my best friend, then nothing but a fading memory stitched to my blackened heart.
I lived a cold existence, trapped in the darkness, weighed down by all the secrets and lies.
Until she crashed back into my life and set my world on fire.
Her alluring jade pools unleashed the beast within, and I had to have her.
But I underestimated her innocence and fell for the sheltered she-devil and her poisonous kiss.
Twin flame, or soul mate, I may never know. In all of life’s uncertainties, one thing remains clear: she’s the beginning and my end.

πŸ”₯ Georgiana Crawford πŸ”₯
My life was forever changed one fateful night. A void in my memory. A pain in my heart. A nightmare on repeat.
His blue eyes haunt my dreams with the fleeting glimpse of a life not lived–or a past, all but forgotten.
For years, he’d been a tormented stare and grimace on the street.
A familiar passerby in a small southern town, a ghost I’d yet to meet.
The moment he fell into my life, whether by fate or chance, I knew there was no turning back.
Our connection is magnetic, and his body calls to mine in ways I’ve only ever read about.
He’s pain and pleasure, my favorite nightmare.
But is he my savior?
Or did I hand him my heart, my soul, to break?

Underage debauchery, sexual assault, drug & alcohol abuse, and heartbreaking loss. This is not for the faint of heart; it has graphic sex and a plethora of expletives.

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