Love has no boundaries ~ Ripper

๐Ÿ”ชRipper (book 1)๐Ÿ”ช
Amy Cecil

As a prostitute living in Londonโ€™s East End, Marie is no stranger to doing what she must to survive. Offered more money than she could ever imagine by a handsome stranger, she agrees to his unusual request to be her one and only client. But itโ€™s a dangerous time to be a lady of the night. The Ripper murders are splashed on every paper, and whispered about behind the backs of hands.

In the arms of her client turned lover, Marie feels an adoration and acceptance sheโ€™s never experienced before. Unfortunately, contentment canโ€™t root out the dark questions clawing their way into the light. Is it possible the man who has stolen her heart also prowls the streets of Whitechapel in search of his next victim?

Consumed by doubt, Marie finds herself questioning the man she thought she had come to know so well. Could he? Would he? Did he?

From Best Selling author Amy Cecil comes, Ripper, a sizzling romance laced with spine-tingling suspense! Get your copy today and take a step into the dark streets of Whitechapel.

Love is a strange emotion. It will tear you up inside and consume you beyond all reasonโ€ฆ
But now something heinous has imbedded itself in the back of your mind.

Author’s Note: This book is for mature audiences. This is not a horror story. It is a dark suspense and erotic romance that will draw you in and leave you wanting for more.

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