LIMITED TIME SALE ~ Christian Wicca 20/20

October 17-21 SALE!!

Christian Wicca 20/20
Kasey Hill & Nancy Chandler

πŸ“š Free on Kindle Unlimited πŸ“š

Trinitarian Wicca: a Christopagan Guide to Jesus, the Goddess, and the Craft

Trinitarian Wiccans work exclusively with the Goddess-inclusive Elohian pantheon, celebrating the 8 Sabbats, 13 Esbats, and upholding the Wiccan Rede. This book outlines a tritheistic tradition of Wicca based on the merger of Esoteric / Hermetic Christianity with both the Dianic and Alexandrian Wicca traditions; it bridges the gap between the 2003 publication and the series focusing on the Goddess-inclusive Elohian pantheon.

Trinitarian Wicca recognizes the Gods and Goddesses of Christianity during its infancy during the first three centuries before the onset of orthodoxy when it was still tempered by the Mysteries of Egyptian & Greek Paleo-paganism, Gnosticism, and Kabbalah. Trinitarian Wicca acknowledges the Great Mother in the social trinity paradigm, which this tradition calls the Blessed Trinity.

“There is but ONE religion; its deities have had many faces and many names. It has been practiced in countless ways since ancient times beyond memory or record” — Nancy Chandler.

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