MY REVIEW ~ The Sacrifice


Don’t go sneaking around the woods of the Divine cult or you might meet the Laksman. The Prophet needs a sacrifice and he knows the perfect person. Just remember family will do anything to get loved ones back but revenge can be a bitter b***h. Emery LeeAnn is one of my top 5 favorite dark authors and The Sacrifice is exactly one of the reasons why. I kept saying just one more chapter…. but who’s kidding, I ate it right up!

The Sacrifice A Dark Cult Thriller Emery LeeAnn

A primordial order whose members follow loyally, whatever the cost.

A mother who is trying to teach her daughter selflessness would be subjected to see the light – whether she wanted to or not.

A husband dispatched home from deployment teams up with a detective gearing up for retirement.

Can they infiltrate the cult in time?

Or will Elizabeth become the ultimateΒ Sacrifice?

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