The Guy
The Girl In My Pool (Book 2)
Sage Alexander

πŸ“š ONLY 99Β’ πŸ“š

She sees him…

…watching her…

…as she’s dripping wet.

Robyn looks forward to one thing. Swimming in the pool next door. There’s nothing more relaxing during this heatwave.

Then she notices him.

A guy standing behind the real estate agent. His gaze is intensely studying her. It almost makes her feel naked in her bathing suit.

She enjoys the attention from the stranger.

Robyn can tell she’s having an affect on him. All she needs to do is look at his pants.

He looks kinda nerdy in those glasses. But, for some reason, she finds it HOT.

Especially with muscles rippling beneath his clothes.

There’s something about him. She can’t quite place her finger on it. Hopefully, the answer will eventually come to her.

It’s been a dull summer. Nothing exciting ever happens here. And no one has lived in this house for years.

Will this handsome guy end up buying it?

Robyn licks her lips.

Maybe this will be a fun summer after all!

You’ll love this story about a pool and two strangers, because we all love a wet and wild summer.

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