NEW RELEASE ~ The Girl πŸ”₯

*β€’.ΒΈβ™‘ NEW RELEASE β™‘ΒΈ.β€’*

The Girl
The Girl In My Pool (Book 1)
Sage Alexander

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Mix a pool…
…with a beautiful stranger.
And you get one wet and wild summer.

The real estate agent drones on and on. Zac has looked at countless homes. Nothing catches his eye. Until now.
Β Β  It’s a girl. A hot one at that.
Her shapely figure glides through the water. He watches as she lifts herself out of the pool. He stares at her dark wet hair. Her long legs. And how she fills out her bikini perfectly.
Β  Zac learns this isn’t the first time the beautiful trespasser has hopped the fence to use the pool. There’s an aura about her. A mix of playfulness, mystery, and a fiery attitude.
Β  Feelings stir within him. And it’s not just in his pants.
Β  There’s something intriguing about her. Zac can’t quite place his finger on it. Hopefully, the answer will eventually come to him.
Β  Maybe this will be a good place to call home after all.
Β  Now, he just has one question.
Β Β  Does she come with the house?

You’ll love this hot and heavy romance, because everyone enjoys finding summer time love.

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