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His Vow
Property of a Billionaire (Book 6)
Sage Alexander

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Struggle and heartache.

The broke student and the billionaire.

Is there a future together for them?

Clara looks back at their rocky beginning. From how they met, to where they are now. They’ve been through a lot in a short time. Now she wonders.

What happens now?

She thought Victor was cold and heartless. Someone devoid of emotion and out for only one thing. Now, she’s seen and experienced what’s behind those icy blue eyes.

And she wants more.

Models, actresses, and high society women. Jumping from one relationship to another. But never satisfied. Victor is amazed. No woman has made him feel this way.

All he wants to do is protect Clara.

Two people from opposite sides of society. They couldn’t be more different from each other. What’s the next step in their relationship?

Will Clara get her happily ever after?

Or will they go their separate ways?

You’ll love this final chapter in Clara and Victor’s story, because everyone enjoys a quest for love.

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