NEW, RELEASE ~ Hazel Nut

`*•.¸(`*•.¸(`*•.¸★¸.•*´)¸.•*´)¸.•*´ ℕEW ℝELEASE

Hazel Nut
USA Today Bestselling Authors Erin Lee &  Olivia Marie
#Retell #Alice #Wonderland #CrazyInk #Horror #CoffeeShopSeries

Off with his head!
📚 📚

Love is war.
At least, that’s how Hazel Hollister feels about it.
After a series of bad relationships, a criminal assault charge and a trip to the Wonderland Mental Wellness Retreat, Hazel is finally free.

Drink me.
Eat me.
Lights out.
Lift your tongue.

After five years of confinement and following every order to a ‘tea,’ Hazel has finally emerged from the rabbit hole.
With no one to answer to, Wonderland’s favorite nut job is ready to get the show on the road. She is even sure she can manage exactly 100 immoral things before breakfast.
But will running into an old flame throw her off course?
What happens when Mr. White steps in?

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