The only hope for the future of the universe are THE GUARDIANS OF LIGHT (boxset)

Supernatural fans have found their new fix in the ever expanding series The Guardians of Light. The series starts off with Firefly of Immortality that spins a love story between two angels unlike any other series. You get more than just a glance at the lives of the angels and are placed on the battlefield in the middle of an angelic war.

As the series expounds, myth, legend, fable, and religious text mingle together to create a new glimpse into the higher powered that be, and you are taken on a rise with one main goal: thwart the looming apocalypse. With each book added to the growing universe Kasey Hill has created comes more myths, more creature feature, and more individual stories that will combine to tell whether or not we can all be saved from Armageddon.

Start your journey today! Available on Amazon, KU, and wherever paperbacks are sold

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