NEW RELEASE ~ His Soul To Keep

`*•.¸(`*•.¸(`*•.¸★¸.•*´)¸.•*´)¸.•*´ NEW RELEASE

His Soul to Keep
International Bestselling Author
Rheanon Nicole

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#PNR #CrazyInk #Heaven #Hell #Lucifer

Meet Holland: A beautiful, evil, sassy, and shamelessly shallow heiress. After her unfortunate accidental death from a drug overdose, she was cast down from heaven for her stubborn inability to repent from her unashamed sins but spit back up from hell for her remarkable ability to drive her new master, Lucifer, insane.
Holland was sent back to earth to do what she does best; collect men’s souls to add to the devil’s army of darkness. But she hasn’t been sent back alone. A tall, dark, and irresistibly handsome demon named Roman has been assigned to escort her and protect her in case her wicked ways get her into too much trouble. Being in the city of angels, there’s bound to be some hang-ups.
One date with this succubus and you’ll lose more than just your morals. You’ll lose your soul. Holland is too much to handle, even in the underworld, but Roman might just be the one to help her change her evil ways.

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