Ex-con, nursing home residents will have you laughing until you pee your pants in…

It’s A Rap? Erin Lee

#Comedy #CrazyInk #TribePride

Hope survived the big house – mostly. But can the nursing home survive a tribe of old women and one man set to turn Northhampton Assisted Living Community’s state-funded facility upside down? With zero f*cks left to give, a group of crazy former inmates sets the rest home on fire with their antics.
From the international bestselling author of Shrink Rap, It’s A Rap? Is a comedic novel with a fresh take on what it means to age. Because who says old can’t be sexy? (Not Pimp). And who says an old man shouldn’t get laid? (Not Big Ham). Welcome to a group of zany characters who don’t allow anything—especially numbers—define them…
It’s about to get crazy.

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