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His Pleasure

Property of a Billionaire (Book 4)
Sage Alexander

📚 📚

Caught in a fight…

…between two powerful billionaires.

Will she come out unscathed?

Clara never imagined it. That this woman would contact her. The person?

Victor’s ex-fiancée, Dana.

She’s heard stories about her. None of them good. And now she has Clara in her crosshairs.

She wants Victor back.

Tall and beautiful. Dana is a woman any man would desire. She’s also cunning, smart, and relentless in going after what she wants. In business and her personal life. And what she wants is Victor.

She’ll do anything to make that happen.

Clara is starting to enjoy her surroundings. As well as Victor’s company. She wants to stay. But, that decision may now be out of her hands. Dana wants her out of Victor’s life. Now.

Clara wonders what will happen to her.

Will she be sent away?

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