NEW RELEASE ~ Craving Summer


 Craving Summer
Four Sisters Series Book One
International Bestselling Author Sara Schoen

#ContemporaryRomance #Romance #CrazyInk #SummerLove

It started as a promise: a summer of bucket list tasks before leaving for life after college.
Summer Adams has always been known as an overachiever, someone who spent her weekends studying or working while letting life pass her by. Now that she’s about to leave the country for a year-long internship, her sisters have found the perfect send off for her; a summer bucket list. They want to encourage her to enjoy her time abroad by breaking her out of her shell and encouraging her to try new things. Even some she’s been too scared to try for since high school. While excitement radiates through the sisters in a summer of fun, Summer learns that leaving home is harder than it seems, especially when an old flame returns.
Cole Harbours left lasting memories on Summer.
Cole Harbours remembers Summer well. An overachiever, positive attitude, and hot, but no ability to let go and enjoy the moment. She was so buried in the books that she never noticed he was flirting with her. He didn’t want to get in the way of her dreams, so he never told her how he felt and he’s kicked himself ever since. Now he’s refusing to let her slip away again.
At least, not without finally taking the shot he should have in high school.

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