99¢ PREORDER ~ His Lust


His Lust ~ Property of a Billionaire (Book 3)
                   Sage Alexander

📚 99¢ or on Kindle Unlimited 📚

               One million dollars…
…for a month of her companionship.
     Sounds like a sweet deal. Right?

Clara tries to see her client as just a paycheck. It’s only a business transaction she tells herself. Do the job, get paid, then leave to start a new life with her money.

No emotions involved.

Then the unexpected happens. She catches a glimpse of another side of this usually stoic man. A side that he keeps hidden behind those deep blue eyes. She wonders what secrets are held behind them.

Is she seeing cracks in Victor’s cold exterior? More importantly, is he having an affect on her?

Spending time with Clara alone in his mansion has been interesting, to say the least. It makes Victor start to question his life choices. Are there things more important in life than money and power? No time to think about it now. He’s late for an important meeting.

Upon his arrival, Victor feels a chill run down his spine. This is not who he was supposed to meet. He now finds himself locked in an office with the person who drove him into self-isolation.

His ex-fiancé.

Beautiful, intelligent, and knows how to get what she wants. She’s also a powerful billionaire CEO. Not someone you want to make angry. And, angry she is.

What is she planning?


You’ll love this billionaire romance because not everyone is what they seem.

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