➳♥♥♥ NEW RELEASE ♥♥♥➳
                      His Desire
          Property of a Billionaire
                         Book 2
               Sage Alexander

                📚 ONLY 99¢  📚

He’s found out her little secret…
…and is not happy about it.
Now she’s stuck in this mansion.
It was supposed to be an easy job for Clara. Spend some “quality” time with a billionaire. Not too hard, right?
What does she get in return? One million dollars.
A fast way out of debt, finish school and start a new life. It was the perfect plan. And it was. Right until she told the client her secret.
She’s a virgin.
Victor thought she was playing him. That it was just part of the act. He hired a Billionaire’s Girl for her experience. Not inexperience.
Now, he doesn’t know what to do with her.
His love life is a mirror of his business life. Never emotional. Just business. But, there’s something about Clara that intrigues him. And it’s not her virginal innocence.
Clara thinks it was a bad decision to tell him. Now the only thing she can do is wait and see what he does. She doesn’t know what’s going to happen. But, she does know one thing.
This billionaire holds her future in his hands.
You’ll adore this story of two different views of romance, because the characters keep you hooked until the end.

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