Death Southern Style – Book Tour and Giveaway

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Death Southern Style
by Beverley Bateman
Genre: Mystery, Suspense
When Perrine Duprรฉ dies under suspicious circumstances her daughter, Julie Ann Duprรฉ, returns to New Orleans to find the truth about her motherโ€™s death. She uncovers a family secret, hidden for years. Now someone is trying to kill her. Will the little dog who appears after her motherโ€™s death help her? Is the sexy detective out to help her, or is he part of police corruption?
Detective Connor Oโ€™Reilly, a native of New Orleans, comes from a family of police. Heโ€™s an honest cop but realizes there is corruption in the division. His father may have died as part of that corruption. He meets Julie Ann, checks out her motherโ€™s death and finds it was badly handled. Julie Ann deserves the truth and he wants to find it for her.
Julie Ann and Connor work together to unravel theโ€ฆ

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