Secrets of the Madame in Black 🖤

Is anyone safe as the Madame in Black hungers for youth and power?
Find out in…

           Secrets of the Madame in Black
       By International Bestselling Author
                          Rita Delude
         📚 FREE on Kindle Unlimited 📚

#horror #carnival #circus #dark #CrazyInk #Illusions

A woman who never ages is surely the biggest illusion of all. Accomplished by the secrets she keeps and uses against those she controls including her former lover, Ebner Currier, who must bend to her wishes. Another secret she keeps is even more sinister. With young girls disappearing from the carnival, Sadie Raffin, a destitute mom with an eleven-year-old daughter, prays she can keep her girl safe among the carnies. Are the rumors true, or are they all just part of the illusions of carnival? Find out what secrets, dangers, and joys exist in the Carnival of Illusions under the domination of the Madame in Black.

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