NEW RELEASE ~ Van -Go Trip

πŸ‘€ Van-Go Trip πŸ‘€
A Dollhouse Series Novella

#Humor #RomCom #Satire #CrazyInk #Dollsfordays

πŸ“š FREE on Kindle Unlimited πŸ“š

The dolls in the warehouse are stir crazy. Sad about Barbie’s departure, it’s up to Sage and Katrina to save the day with a Catnip Corner field trip. Katrina knows just where to go – an art museum. And Sage, the mother of all, is determined to give BJ the experience of a lifetime on the homeschool-sponsored trip to Tennessee’s biggest art museum. Culture, she insists, is everything. But will Nikki, the resident warehouse artist approve? What will ever become of her pumpkin mural? What happens when it’s Dolls for Days in the real world? It’s a road trip – Van-go style, ya’ll.

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