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A Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance
The Library of the Profane (Book 2)
           JB Trepagnier

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I hate losing and I appear to be on some streak.

Dorian Gray’s painting was never in the vault of the library. We currently have no idea where it is and the only person who can track it is probably being held hostage in a storage yard with all kinds of cursed objects. Balthazar’s dick is still cursed and there’s no easy way to remove it. I already made it worse once. I hope it doesn’t fall off this time. I was totally against marrying Reyson when he woke up and announced I would be his new wife, but my resolve on that is starting to weaken. I’m starting to care for the damned god.

The only people who know where Dorian’s painting is at are Dorian and Bram’s demon master. Even if we find Dorian, we can’t kill him without his painting. I know better than anyone that when a witch really doesn’t want you getting into their things, the results are usually fatal. I get we need the demon overlord, but if we are all risking our lives to get him out of that trap, he’d better grant Bram his freedom because I like having that Hellhound around.

I’m starting to care for all these people that have crashed into my life and library, but I miss the normal days here of helping with curses, spells, and territory disputes. I’d like to disappear into our erotica section for a little while and pretend Dorian Gray isn’t building a supernatural army.

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