📚 NEW RELEASE ~ Mimzie’s Macaw Mafia 🦜

🦜🦜 Mimzie’s Macaw Mafia 🦜🦜
  A Pet Shop Series novella by Justina Luther

    #Cleanandwholesome #Romance         
  #Contemporaryromance #CrazyInk     #PetShopSeries

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Ever since she was a child, Miriam (Mimzie) Montebello has loved macaws. Her adoration for these beautiful creatures began with her grandmother’s macaw, Major. Loud, intelligent, and a handful, she saw herself in him. It’s no surprise to anyone who knows her when at twenty-six she founds Mimzie’s Macaw Mafia, a sanctuary for these beautiful and often misunderstood birds.  When macaws and other large parrots begin to pour into the sanctuary at an ever-increasing rate, Mimzie sets out to discover why.

Single father Avery Grayson runs exotic pet shop Taste of the Wild, and business has never been better. Happy customers come and go from his shop daily, especially since he began carrying exotic birds. Who doesn’t love a pet that can talk? Carrying birds is something Avery promised himself he would never do, but when his business began to fail and it came to a choice between keeping food in his daughter’s stomach, or letting a few owners learn on the fly, he learned to overlook a few things. When a loud-mouthed woman comes snooping around his shop demanding he stop trading in these winged meal tickets, will he tell her to test her wings off a cliff, or will sparks fly?

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