NEW RELEASE ~ Riggs by Crimson Syn

🔥This sexy Biker Daddy is here to rev your engines ladies!🔥

Author: Crimson Syn
Model: Maverick Willett- Online Fitness and Nutrition Coach
Photographer: Eric McKinney
Cover Designer: Lou Gray

🔥Now Available on Kindle Unlimited🔥


I’m a sick obsessive fool.
I want to ruin the only innocent thing that exists in this godforsaken place.
Luna is as pure as they come, eighteen, untouched, and beautiful.
But I can’t have her.
It’s not right.
A woman like Luna deserves someone better than me.
But the hunger that grows inside of me, seeks for control,
And I don’t know if I’ll be able to hold back much longer.


Jason Riggs is as dangerous as they come.
Yet he saved me from one of the vilest men I’ve ever known.
Now he has become my savior.
My world.
He’s everything I yearn for in this empty life of mine.
Hiding away in Ravenous is my only hope for a future, and I want Riggs to be a part of it.
But he’s hiding something, something wicked.
I won’t stop until I find out his secrets.
And when I do, he’ll be all mine.
This biker daddy is a sweet bundle of alpha goodness.

Grab Book 1: WOLF here:
Grab Book2: GRAYSON here:

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