Butterscotch Kisses

💋*•.¸♡Butterscotch Kisses♡¸.•*💋
                Skylar McKinzie
      A Soda Shop Series Novella

#newadult #comingofage #romance #crossroads #CrazyInk

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After Aria Hargrove is dumped by her boyfriend not two minutes before her high school graduation, she realizes she’s at a crossroads. Having no idea what to do with her once well-ordered life, she sets out on a road trip with a broken heart and $50 to her name.
When her beat up jalopy breaks down at a literal crossroads, she is visited by a woman who offers to make all her worries go away. All she has to do is take the road less traveled.
Tad Watson has seen it before, the girls who take the road less traveled at the fork between Butterscotch Falls and Crimson Leap. The girls who take the easy way are never heard from again.
When Tad is leaving his job at the local soda shop, he sees Aria stranded at the crossroads. Determined to not lose another young girl to the evil that haunts the two towns, Tad swoops Aria up and takes her to Butterscotch Falls before she can make a decision.
But Aria still has a choice to make. Will she choose to stay in Butterscotch Falls with Tad or take the road less traveled to the fame and fortune she’s always wanted?

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