Teaser Tuesday ~ Phoenix by Rebecca Rennick


#Phoenix by Rebecca Rennick

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I have one rule; no repeats. One woman, one day. That’s all they get. The only stable relationship in my life is the one I have with my tattoo gun. Spending my days in private security and nights at my family’s bar.

That is until my cousin brings home a stray. A provoking smart-mouthed redhead named Clover. But she’s off-limits. Too much temptation and trouble.

But when a man I should have killed long ago tries to take her away from me, it forces me to take action in the only way I know how.


Life is a fat sack of donkey shit. But after one drunken afternoon, my new gay fairy godfather whisks me away to live and work with his family of high-profile criminals. Tending bar with a shotgun within reach turns out to be the perfect job for me.

What I don’t need is the annoyingly hot new roommate, Nix, who infuriates me at every turn, tempting me to take a walk on his wild side. But he says he doesn’t want me.

If I can’t have Nix Colton, maybe the sexy stranger that walks into my bar one day is just what I need. But when he turns out to be no ordinary stranger, it becomes painfully clear I should stay far away from him.

Because if I let my guard down around him, it may very well be the last mistake I ever make. And the only mistake I want right now is Nix Colton.

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