MY REVIEW ~ Cradle Robber

My 5 ⭐review

Cradle Robber by John Watson

John Watson has done it again! Cradle Robber was amazing from start to finish. Danillo seen his mother killed by a creature called the Aswang on his way to America. The Aswang was buried in the lake with chains and bricks attached, but after many many years those binds are weak. The attention to detail is what drew me to John Watson, and this book had me on the edge of my seat and ready to run down those hospital halls myself. The ending left me with my mouth hanging open. Thank you for being such an amazing author John Watson. 

Buried in the depths of Echo Park Lake for a half-century, the Aswang goes free when a major earthquake plunges the city of Los Angeles into darkness.Hungry for blood, the creature heads for the nearby maternity hospital, where emergency generators have the facility barely clinging to power.As the power fails and the night grows darker, families fight to spare their children from the grasp of the cradle robber.

Only $1.99

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